Mafia 2 HD Wallpapers Gallery

Mafia 2 HD wallpapers

Mafia 2 is the sequel of the Mafia game. This an action adventure game genre that  is published by 2K Games on August 24, 2010, in this game we play the character as a guy named Vito who have just returned from the 2nd world war. Vito joins with the U.S. Army forces to avoid jail due to himself, it is because Vito caught while committing robbery on jewelry store, then Vito commit a crime again with his friend Joe Barbaro to become a mafia. But the second crime is because he doing manipulated thing when sold a gas and finally He going to jail. After that Vito released by Vinci mafia and then finally Vito recruited by the mafia after betrayed by his friend and other mafia family.

Mafia 2 HD Wallpapers Gallery (1920×1080)

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To download the Mafia 2 HD Wallpaper, click the right mouse button on the desired picture and choose save image as to download it.

Mafia 2
Mafia 2

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