The Sims 4 Will Presenting Weight Loss and Emotional Reactions Feature

By Gamerenthusiast | August 30, 2013 | News

The Sims 4 physical body naturally will change over from time to time depend on Sims eat habits

The Sims 4 physical body

There is a latest news from The Sims 4 game, Maxis Producer Grant Rodiek said will add fitness features to The Sims 4 game.

“Later, every Sims physical body naturally will change over from time to time that occurs in the game. If they overeat and never exercise certainly it will add weight to their body and make their body to be larger, but if the sims character eat a regular diet and balanced with exercise then the Sims naturally will lose the weight.” Rodiek Grant said.

Also reported by Rodiek every Sims character in The Sims 4 game will have an emotional reaction to the pattern of life that they lived, which means that the Sims will have a sense of the development of his own emotions if Sims wants to establish its body ​​or not, and want to do a sport that is suitable for Sims itself.

Unfortunately the Maxis developer Keith can be further confirmed on that subject, there still no news about this game when it will be released, but on the official website it already been pre-ordered.

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