SimCity Offline Mode Considered by EA

The offline mode for the SimCity game can play through classic mode that will allow players to play individually and can use cheat and unlocks recklessly

In a survey distributed by Electronic Arts to the SimCity players, the EA indicates that the game developed by Maxis will get an offline mode. The offline mode for SimCity will be played through Classic Mode.

Classic Mode, is a mode that will allow players to play individually. However, players will still be able to play it online. The difference is, if the normal mode, cheat and unlocks can not be used carelessly, in Classic mode, players are free to use both “taboo” function. Beside the Classic Mode, EA also consider including a variety of other features, such as guilds, one-way streets, larger cities, The Sims importing, a criminal syndicate management, monorail systems and others.

simcity offline mode

However it looks like these features, including the classic mode, will not be obtained for free, but the “benefits” of downloadable content (DLC) for SimCity which has long been planned by EA.

Simcity Offline Mode
Simcity Offline Mode

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