Latest Update for Call of Duty: Ghost “Heavy Duty Mode” has been released

Call of Duty Ghost minimum system requirement

Call of Duty: Ghost Game has presented a new update. In the update there is a game mode called “Heavy Duty”. Now the Call of Duty: Ghost latest update is already available for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

In the new game mode, the player will receive additional HP every time the player character appear again, making the players can last longer from the attack when in battle. Besides the addition of this new game mode. There is also an additional weapon that could have been earned by the player where the weapons were present in Invected game modes.

In the latest update there are some improvements from the graphical display that previously several bug occurs, such as the player who can activate a wide range of packages that can be used without restriction. For the latest updates on Call of Duty: Ghost, Gamaer Enthusiast who want to feel it, can get on the official blog COD: Ghost

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