Excited!, Age of Wushu Coming in iOS with the title ‘Age of Wushu’

Age of Wushu, PC MMORPG action games which is world of Chinese kung fu themed, will soon be released in the form of iOS-based mobile games. Snail Games, the Age of Wushu developers, just announce it and later the title of this game will be Age of Wushu Dynasty.

Age of Wushu Coming in iOS

Age of Wushu Dynasty will bring players into the world of kung fu called Jianghu. The gameplay will featuring a combination of existing elements like the PCs version but with several addition from latest Snail mobile games, such as dungeon crawler an action game called as Taichi Panda. This game will bring eight martial arts schools to choose from and challenge the players to acquiring and mastering the best moves.

With the 3D visual world and the virtual button control scheme, Age of Wushu Dynasty will also present acrobatic maneuvers when in the air, showing arena and PvP battles anywhere and anytime. Unfortunately the Age of Wushu Dynasty release date has not been disclosed by Snail Games.

Age Of Wushu Coming In IOS
Age Of Wushu Coming In IOS

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