Dying Light Gameplay Trailer with Long Duration Launched

Dying Light Gameplay Trailer showing gamers what the terrible world would be seen by player

Dying Light Gameplay Trailer

IGN recently uploaded Dying Light gameplay trailer for the 12-minute. This trailer showing gamers what the terrible world would be seen by player in the game made by Techland (the studio that also develops Dead Island) zombie themed / survival first-person game.

Gamer Enthusiast can watch the Dying Light gameplay trailer in the video below. Games that are scheduled to be published by Warner Bros..

This is a first-person game genre with survival horror action elements on it, plus the open world elements that are “broad” and “dynamic”, as well as the day-night cycle, the mechanism of free running, and weapon-crafting. During the day, the player can explore the urban environment that is “broad” and overrun by vicious plague in order to collect a variety of supplies to survive and make weapons.

While at night, the enemy “that had been infected with” outbreaks will become more aggressive and dangerous, coupled with the presence of the most fearsome predator that only appear after sunset. Dying Light is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in 2014.

Dying Light Gameplay Trailer
Dying Light Gameplay Trailer

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