Dead Kings, an Assassin’s Creed: Unity Free DLC has been released

Dead Kings, the free downloadable content for Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been released. This DLC is an apology from Ubisoft for the bad things happened at the launch of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. DLC has been available for entire device including PC.

Dead Kings Assassins Creed Unity Free DLC

Dead Kings has a background story after the end of the main game. Arno will wander in the the city of Saint Denis where before was known as Franciade city. Upon reaching the city, Arno will undertake a mission to explore the underground part of the city to find the underground cemetery and a deep cave that contains a secret called as dead kings.

Dead Kings will introduce a new lantern that will be used by the Arno to move through the funeral and the latest weapons called as “Guillotine Gun”. Players will also meet famous figures such as Napoleon, the Marquis de Sade as well as the newest enemy faction, the Raiders.

DLC will also add side quests like Murder Mysteries and a new co-op mission. Players can also unlock new weapons, gear and clothing that can be used for the main mode.

Dead Kings Assassins Creed Unity Free DLC
Dead Kings Assassins Creed Unity Free DLC

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